November 29, 2006

I got my first rejection letter today:

“Dear Derek Harris,

Thank you for sending us “Illness”.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite meet the
needs of our podcast.  The pacing is a little slow.

Thanks for submitting, and best wishes for you and your work.

Ben Phillips
Submissions Staff
PSEUDOPOD – The Horror Podcast Magazine

Isn’t this wonderful! I got a letter from a magazine saying that they read my story! Ironically, when I wrote the story, I wrote it with them in mind, but hey, now I can submit it to someone who might pay me real money, instead of the measley $20 they promise.

So that’s big news for me!



  1. ‘Pacing is slow.’ Pfft. That’s all in how you read it for the podcast. Silly people.

    I haven’t read the revised version yet. You should send it to me.

  2. Story and you no share?

  3. I disagree with firewings – I think it’s WONDERFUL that they included a critique in their letter; it gives you something to work with. I think that constructive criticism is never a bad thing.

    Do you have a collection of rejection letters? I’ve kept every “thanks, but no thanks” letter I’ve ever gotten from schools I applied to for work. I’m not sure why – maybe so I can gloat a little, a la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (“You work on commission here, right? Big mistake, HUGE!”) because I got a job in a colllege after piddly little high schools sent me packing. They don’t know what they turned down!

  4. this is the first, but I plan on keeping it…

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