what science offers

November 28, 2006

Science is a wonderful thing. It gives us medicine to take away the ick. It gives us lovely food in all its wonderful combinations that is both tasty and healthy. It gives us shelter, good healthy birthing, cleaner drinking water, well-made brews and vintages, and access to itself in ways almost as numerous as its own areas of study. Science is the thing that drives our culture today, and that is good in many ways.

Think of your live without science: No car, no road, no tires. A vast reduction in the type and amount of music we all listen to. No skyscrapers, no airplanes, no cross-country weekends. No microwaves, no aspirin, no showers. No apartments or houses in the manner we think of them. No flight, no cancer therapy, no books.

If we had no sense of science, no sense of testable works that we discover through trial and error and the combining of concepts, we’d still be cavemen, hunched over an ant hill with a stick, looking for a tasty treat.

That said, how is it possible for human, the learning, thinking, developing creatures that we are, to live in a world that isn’t shaped by our minds? We affect ourselves and each other every day by the way we solve problems. This is science: we look at the problem, we speculate how to fix it, we try, we fail, we consider, we adjust, we try again. It is natural. It is nature.

So, for any doubting person, anyone with a reconstructionalist attitude, think of your life and every little thing in it, and remember that we are where we are in our world because of what we naturally are. Sure, that sucks sometimes, but when we fail, we adjust and try again.


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  1. I’m going to need to digest this one.

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