the joys of being pretty

November 26, 2006

Let me preface this with a statement:

Since I’m certain that nearly all my readers are female (which I think is indicative of the nature of blogging and reading blogs, a journaling experience that appeals to the exhibitionist needs of many many people), I want you to know I have never begrudged the use of make-up, other than when it is too liberally applied. A little color goes a long way, and appropriate dispersal of said color can make the difference between a bag lady and Gretta Garbo.

And this, now, I have discovered for myself. Yes, despite my man-parts, I am indeed becoming fond of nothing other than eye-liner. Something about a slap-dash smudge of the stuff really makes a bad day seem okay. The outward manifestation of your problems so that they don’t linger on your brain. And another form of exhibitionism, if you wanna get gritty.

I have purchased my first black, though I started with blue. I must say I feel quite pretty with it on, and find it quite therapeutic. I wouldn’t wearing around my students or anything, but by god, I’d wear it at home, or out with friends, who also border on such tendencies. Regina actually gave me an emphatic nod when I related this much to her.

So, when I was asked the other day, during a frat meeting, if I was wearing eye-liner. Yes, Woody, I was wearing eye-liner. Now shove it!



  1. . .. i dated a guy who wore more makeup than i did . . . and he looked hot in it 🙂 so rock on, bro, rock on with your eyeliner 🙂

  2. And the problem would be…..?

  3. Pictures?

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