the thanksgiving special

November 23, 2006

Yay for a holiday.

However, the downside is that blogging will be harder because my Popa managed to snag the slowest dial-up connection of all time. Remember the days when, if you got on between 7pm to 9pm, it took 30 minutes for an image-heavy page to load, an hour if it had any sort of application on it. Welcome to 1996, its my grandfather’s computer.

So most of the blogs I’m going to have for the next four days will be prepared in advance. This is today’s blog, its boring, but hey, I don’t meta-blog that often, right?

Also, this will be a good holiday. Not only is it the only holiday I’ve had since Labor Day (on which I still had to work, but had no class), but its the first time in probably over a year that I’ve seen all my family in one place. Its a bit exciting. Plus, I should be able to get lots of homework done, lots of practicing, lots of writing and still try to get about half-way through the book I’m going to be reading over the break, Tapping the Dream Tree by Charles de Lint.

If you haven’t read his work yet, you should. Its what I would call “light fantasy.” Its modern, has some fantastical elements, but you aren’t armed with only a shortbow in the middle of the E’fidshbe’sudl85sasid forest in some forgotten land. You’re in Newford, which seems to resemble a larger city, maybe New York. I started with The Onion Girl and I absolutely love it. So here we are.

Anyway, this is your happy thanksgiving post. Enjoy the time you’re having, whether it be with friends or family or alone. Find something to be thankful for. Oh, and get fat for me.



  1. E’fidshbe’sudl85sasid…I’ve been there once. Nice diner.

  2. Mmmm Charles de Lint! I love his work, you introduced me to him back in HS with The Onion Girl. I now own a copy of it and read it once more and you know me, I never re-read books. I need to get more of his stuff….

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