November 21, 2006

This past week in my percussion lessons we’ve moved into keyboard instruments. In particular, marimba *shine*. I absolutely adore the marimba. Something about the woody resonant sound, smooth as silk and verbose in their tone makes me happy and calm. So lately, in the last couple days or so, I will go while away an hour and a half just tinkering around when I should be on my saxophone, or (heaven forbid) practicing my snare drum piece.

If you’ve never heard a marimba go here. There is some pretty cool stuff on here, even though it is just sound clips. 

Do yourself a favor, and explore the magic of keyboard percussion. Hell, percussion in total.



  1. Did you know J is super good at the marimba? He was a percussionist in general, but I think sort of specialized in the marimba.

  2. I think you mentioned it. I love marimba, and wouldn’t mind seeing him play sometime, should it be possible.

  3. I have video!

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