November 19, 2006

I am defying the standard.

So I missed a day. So I skipped a day where I should have blogged in order to win any of the fabulous prizes offered by the NaBloPoMo judges. So what?

When you decide to have a day where looking at people makes you stop breathing, then turn around and have to have a football game in the middle of the day, then have to do homework, practice music, and still fit sanity and cleanliness in, you’d miss a day too.

And with all the blogs I’ve posted this month alone, I deserve to still be in the rankings. If I’m not mistaken, I’m still averaging about 1.5 blog posts/day. I will win, in the long run.

So I defy the standard. I will break the rules and still compete. I am a Blogger. Roar.

More useful/interesting content tomorrow.



  1. I posted a cheater post one day.

    it was about 3 lines.

    I say we’re still eligible for prizes.

  2. Amen.

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