November 16, 2006

So, as I’m reading my copy of Nobody Care What You Had For Lunch, I come across the entry regarding traditions in your family. Luckily, my mother reminded me of one this last weekend. And it’s weird it put it down because it sorta already happened not that long ago and I completely missed it.

For years, when we lived out in the country, my family celebrated Halloween by renting a movie and getting a bag or two of Halloween Oreos and pigging out. We even did it for a while after we’d moved back into town, but were too old to trick or treat and not old enough to have parties to go to. 

My mom was in town this weekend for a football game and she mentioned that she forgot to bring me a bag this year. Not that she’s always given me a bag, but she thought it would be fun.


  1. Hey Derek:

    1) Mrs. Chili showed some link love and I figured I would drop by and say hi. You are a fantastic writer!

    2) How long until you graduate?

    3) Is ‘Dingo’ your significant other? (I’m asking because I am someone’s ‘Dingle’ and I was just struck at how similar the nicknames were.)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Cassie,

    1) yes, thanks to Mrs. Chili, she’s really nice, and very informative. I love her blog.

    2) I graduate in May, finally. Then its off to join the job market, the wonderful job market of teaching.

    3) Yes, Dingo is my bay-bee. But he lives so far away… *sad*

    Thanks for dropping by!

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