my problem with electronics

November 12, 2006

I carry two electronic items on me at all times. One, my iPod, is almost always in action, because I can’t seem to listen to all the podcasts at once, and my ears often cry for music of some sort. Two, my cell phone for when, on that third tuesday of the seventh month when the moon is full and Aquarius is ascending, I get a phone call. It is also my clock.

In my place of work, we have the doors guarded by two silver security sentinels. These beasts of duty stand erected from the floor and one must pass between them before exiting into the world beyond books and magazines.

Note: I have carried my cell phone every day since two years ago, and have worked in this place longer than that. Also, I’ve had my iPod over a year, and listen to it constantly at work because no one bugs me.

As of late, the guards have been uphappy with my electric apparel, and have barred my exit on numerous occasions. In a library, hearing an alarm go off draws every single eye in the building to you. Every time. So, many days recently, I’ve had to stand at the door while all the librarians swarm around me to make sure I haven’t stolen anything. I’ve been working there just as long as some of them, some, longer, and yet they have to search me.

Nothing like a little gray-haired lady digging in your backpack and looking you over good and hard to make you feel welcome at work.



  1. Oh, JEEZ! At least you don’t have a plate in your head!

    Do they have little bowls, like in the airport, where you can put your keys and iPod and cell phone, THEN walk through the sentries? If they dont’ have one, you should bring one, just to make your point (and to keep from getting frisked by Library Ladies. Shudder….

  2. Haha! No, they don’t have anything like that, but they do have a nifty counter by one door. I might have to start using that!

    Do you have a plate in your head?

  3. ya, that was always fun at Toys ‘R’ Us.
    I hope they haven’t resorted to cavity searches yet.

  4. Cap’n! Ye made it!!

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