November 11, 2006

Last night, friends and I decided to be adventuresome. We bought wine. We bought Boutari wine. That was a bad idea.

Gina pointed out while mostly drunk that it tasted a lot like the moldy bread she’d just taken a bite out of, purely because it was dark.

So, conclusion. Boutari is not an okay choice. If you want a wine that won’t force you to be drunk to withstand the flavor, try something else. For your own sake.



  1. I’ve never heard of Boutari, but thanks for the warning.

    I could never undertstand “acquiring” a taste. I mean, if you have to FORCE yourself to eat/drink/smoke something until you can stand it, then CONTINUE to take it in until you actually start to like it? That just seems wrong to me. That initial gag is your body’s way of saying “EXCUSE ME?! Don’t put that s**t in here!” We should listen more.

    Still, the experience got you some pretty funny blog fodder, so it couldn’t have been ALL bad…

  2. Haha, indeed. Although I am still acquiring the love of beer. I know, I know…but its cheaper by quantity, so I like it. Plus, there is some interesting stuff out there.

  3. Well my first love of wine was Robert Mandavi Cabernet Souvougn (sp?) 2001. It is awesome stuff and it’s great to cook with too. See if you can still find that year. The odd years tend to be the best when using California wines.

  4. hmm. I’ve had a Cabernet Sauvignon. It hurt. The tannins in it are a bit too strong for me. I’m partial to Pinot Noir or Gewurztraminer.

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