November 10, 2006

So C got to things before I could, which actually means she reminded me of something I’d planned to do earlier. So here we are, trying to do this…

What I have learned despite college:

1. Colleague: a person with whom you share a passion, which leads to much study and discussion of said passion alongside said person, and thus, you hate them.

2. Having to carry your friend out of the bar bridal-style is neither sexy, nor fun. Listening to the same friend try…try…to throw up out your window at 70mph is downright bad.

3. Just because you belong to a certain subculture doesn’t mean you have to like any of the other people in it. Also, disco is still fun.

4. Making up your mind to stick it out through your major is both a wise choice and a fool decision.

5. It doesn’t matter how much you want to dance. If the partner sucks, so does dancing.

6. Making close friends is good. Turning them into roommates is bad. Turning them back into friends is hard.

7. It doesn’t matter if school is hard. When you agree do to something, you follow through. To the end. Always.

8. Don’t date a freshman. Ever. EVER!

9. It is better to be poor and having fun than stable and bored. And ramen is never okay.

10. Learning to get along with people in general takes lots of patience and lots of time, and sometimes, a lot of distance. One day, it will happen. When it does, you’ll see why it’s a good thing.

Okay, so not the best of life lessons, but true nonetheless.

 PS: props to people who like what I write. I’m talking to you Mrs. Chili and Krista, and C…oh hell, everyone who said so.



  1. I went to an in-service training session at the college where I work this morning – they’re rolling out a new online delivery system for hybrid courses – and one of the Power Point slides said something like “almost ALL real learning happens outside of the classroom.”

    Sounds like you already knew that…

  2. UGH! Misplaced modifiers! “This morning, I went to an in-service training at the college where I work…”

    I hate it when I’m a loser.

  3. haha, so funny.

  4. Not funny. Pathetic, really. I TEACH this grammar stuff – you’d think I’d be able to type out a grammatically clear sentence. Sigh. I’m blaming it on the flu shot I got today. My arm hurts. I’m going to bed.

  5. Grammar is only a mezzo for me. But I understand. Glad you got a flu shot.

    Also, do your students understand who/whom?

  6. Number 10 is my new motto for dealing with my mother. thanks. ha.

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