November 8, 2006

Oh my god, I just submitted my first story ever.

My English prof last night gave me some good advice, and told me that she really liked it, and that I should work on submitting it soon.
Then she told me I needed to consider joining her prose class in the spring.
Then she told me I should look into a Doctoral program in writing.

I’m freaking out!

I don’t know how to accurately express how much it means to me to hear someone tell me that they think I am worthy of being published. I’ve wanted to be published for a long time now (since about the 6th grade), but haven’t been able to produce much prose. I have plenty (loads actually) of poetry coming from as far back as 7th grade.

That shall be the next step. Getting my poetry published. That will take some work, but it is possible.

*Deep breath* Okay, Derek. You’re okay. You’re great.



  1. You’re also silly. ^_^

    So going out for a Dr.?

  2. Sure. Why not!

  3. I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting my PhD, but I don’t have enough distance from my MA yet.

    It’s like giving birth – it’s stupid-crazy painful, and you’re SO glad when it’s over and you’re absolutely sure that you’re NEVER going to do it again until you do. There’s a kind of amnesia that sets in with time; somehow, we just forget how awful it was. I’m not quite there yet.

  4. I know EXACTLY what you feel like with the publication thing.

    I had the opportunity to intern under the woman who inspired me to become an English teacher in the first place. Having someone I so admired support, encouragement and praise my work was freaky.

    Drink it all in, my friend – I’m sure it is WELL deserved.

  5. Now I get the reference about trying to convince yourself you don’t have time for NaNoWriMo…

    Or maybe you doooooooo have time!????

    It’s good practice. Plus within all those words you’d write, poetic gems would emerge I bet…

  6. Aww… you guys rock so much! Thanks!

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