dr. roller

November 7, 2006

Meet Dr. Dale Roller. He’s a kind old man who’ve I’ve never seen out of a suit, nor withouth his wife, Betty. He’s a former music educator, and he’s the Music Executive Secretaries for Texas UIL Region I. A wonderful man, very smart, very inspirational.

However, I have a bone to pick with Dr. Roller.

He came to my Monday night class to give a little thing on University Interscholastic League and to give a little advice and inspiration (along with some other teachers) about why we are picking a great profession.

Before said class, a friend of mine and I were discussing things, and I mentioned my student teaching next semester. After a break in the conversation, we had this exchange:

Dr. Roller: “What school will you be student teaching at?”
Me: “RHS”
Dr. Roller: “And why have you picked that school?”
Me: “Well, you know, I did my observations there, and my August experience, and I’m teaching a sectional there once a week. I like it.”
*poignant pause*
Dr. Roller: “Are you sure you wouldn’t like to get experience at another school?”
Me: “I-….”


So, all day today, I was wandering around going, “Should I get a different school? Am I doing the right thing?” Luckily, my advisor told me it was the best school for me, and that I’d do fine. But that darned Dr. Roller got me thinking.

And that’s all I need: more thinking.

But he is such a nice man.


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