boob-toob a-no-no

November 7, 2006

When I moved into my current apartment back in December 05, I made a very important decision. I decided not to take cable! That’s right, no TV for me. Though I’m sure the rates of things around here is far less than in certain parts of the country, I figured $50/mo. for a serverice that I don’t readily abuse anyway would be both pointless and cost-noneffective. And with my cable internet costing the same amount, and my ever decreasing presence at home, I’m wondering if that was a bad choice.

But by simply not having TV (even though I do own a boob-toob), I have chosen to not partake of a lot of things. I don’t get to catch up on the sweet shows that have appeared in the last year, nor do I get to enjoy a 5-hour sitting of Rachael Ray or Adult Swim anymore (sad). Granted, I ordered Netflix at the same time, and have been a dedicated customer since, so that takes off some edge, but it goes far deeper than viewing choices.

I was not aware of the amount of conversation that occurs centered around modern entertainment mediums. I can count the times on both my hands and yours and that guy’s over there that I’ve had to tell someone, “Sorry, I don’t have TV, I don’t know what you’re taking about.” I don’t know commercials like I used to. I can’t sit and chat about Family Guy or Aqua Teen, Venture Bros. and the like. I can’t even say I saw that documentary on Discovery Health, or whatever. I’ve made myself a media pariah. If I didn’t still spend way too much time online and didn’t work with newspapers everyday, I’d know nothing about the outside world.

Upsides: I read more. Much more. And I like to think that I’m smarter for it. I get to solve problems for myself instead of just saying, “If I wait another 30 minutes, they’ve figure it out for me.” Also, I don’t have to worry about catching my shows. And that $50/mo that I would have spent on Dumbo-vision, I can now spend on a real passion of mine: food. Not that I’m a great cook, I just like to eat. Cheers!

Also, since I’ve decidedly cut myself from about half the conversations people have, I get to start doing all the weird hermitty stuff, like keeping birds in my beard, and go to the mall just to remember what people look like. Yay creepy!



  1. ha! I’ve had only brief exposure to TV; there was rarely one in the house when I grew up (and when there was, it was kept in a closet, and you had to have a reason to take it out and watch it). I had a roommate briefly who had one; she watched a lot of golf, as I recall. But I’ve never owned one . Which is not to say I don’t like to watch it now and again at someone else’s house. But I totally know what you mean about saying over & over “No, I didn’t see [that show] last night. No, I’ve never seen it. Because I don’t have a TV.” And then I stand there and wait for my head to explode while they fill me in on all the plotlines and fascinating character bios.

    Sometimes I just nod & smile, but sometimes I start quizzing them about the names and political affiliations of their elected officials, or candidates running in an upcoming election. Then I wait for their heads to explode. Fun for everyone!

  2. Birds in your beard…I think people would pay money to see that.

  3. I applaud you. There was a time after college, but before marriage, when I kept a television carcass in my livingroom that no longer worked. It appeased friends and family, but no one realized it didn’t function.

    I miss those days. I read more and was completely oblivious to politics.

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