November 6, 2006

One state exam to go.
Mock interviews in a week.
Resume to edit.
References to obtain.
Applications to fill out.
Job fairs to attend.
Student Teaching on the horizon.

It’s getting realer and realer.

It’s only a matter of time before the truth of things starts to wash over me, but for right now, some of it doesn’t seem real. I’m in my fifth year of school, and I’m ready to graduate, but I just am having a hard time grasping that the changes could actually happen. I could actually begin a career I swore I’d never take.

This mighty and nearing threshold. I need to catch my breath a little here. I know that most of what I’m doing this semester is my practice run before the real qualifier meet. The nice lady who talked to our class last week told us that we need to find a program and stick with it for a couple years at least, because it looks bad to leave a school after just one year. So, its long haul, folks.

Questions loom. Should I just get the job that is close to home? Stay close, stay safe. Or should I stick my neck out there, try to get a job in a state that will accept my certification? I could really start living the life I’ve dreamed of if I did. Luckily, so much of my life right now is portable. Perhaps I should take advantage of this before I get too obligated.

Gosh, I don’t think I’ve thought about this quite that way before.



  1. I think about it like that all the damn time. Makes you crazy. *twitch*

  2. yeah . . . *twitch, twitch* . . . me, too 🙂

  3. Haha, I want to twitch too. Don’t leave me out! *Twitch Twitch*

    Seriously though, I wonder what the pros would be to staying close besides staying relatively safe.

    I always fight the urge to tell people to Go Go Go far away, challenge yourself as much as you can etc. because really- who likes an advice giver, but-

    What is in it for you spiritually, intellectually, experientially to stay where you are?

  4. I’ve really enjoyed your blog! You’ve got some great posts. Cheers!

  5. Thanks Rashenbo…

    Krista, honestly, sometimes, I wonder if I couldn’t get the same experiences here than in some other place. But sometimes, its just a drive to be wanderlustful, and sometimes, its because I want to go someplace with a humidity of some sort. Also the summers are hot. Anyway, those are extraneous reasons.

    There are good teachers here, but there are also good teachers in other places. But you aren’t wrong… Thanks for visiting!!

    Thanks to everyone else that also visits, but prefers to stay quiet. I check my stats. I know you’re there…

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