November 5, 2006

“It’s gluttony. If you’re a glutton about anything, you turn a desire into a need. Whatever you use drugs for, to relax, to free your mind, to play, when it gets to be a need, that’s the problem. Like my need for burritos. I would weigh four hundred pounds if I ate as many burritos as I craved. You set limits; you have to. It’s all a matter of discipline.”
–Constance Reed, from Weird Like Us

As I’m sitting here at work, reading this nice little book about Bohemian America, I come across this quote. It’s right in the middle of the section about drugs. Curiously enough, this book doesn’t denounce drugs as bad for you, nor does it advocate a life of complete inebriation. However, it does teeter between the two, explaing drugs as both good and bad. The previous section in the book was about sex, with a similar twist.

And here I am, blogging for the second time in 12 hours, the fourth time in 24 hours. Also, I’m drinking a Dr. Pepper, listening to my iPod, and thinking about the things I “need” to do today. Also, I’m thinking about if I’m gonna play more Animal Crossing, or if I’ll get back to ripping my CDs tonight, or if I’ll get to hang out with my friends, and about how bad I could go for a Hil’s burger right now.

So what of all of this do I need? Well, some, perhaps. I need to eat, because I’m hungry. I need to practice because I have a recital coming up. I do not need a DP, though I claim I do. I don’t need to play video games, and I don’t need to finish ripping CDs. And as much as it pains me, I don’t need to listen to my iPod all the time either.

There, I admitted it.

Now, its your turn? What things do you do everyday that you chalk up to need? How many of those things do you really need? Truly need?

I know I’ve got a longer list than just that up there.


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