pod pleasure

November 3, 2006

Let’s talk about two of my favorite podcasts.

Escape Pod is weekly podcast bringing you fun short science fiction and fantasy. As with almost every podcast, you can listen to it on your computer, or download it and take it with you in the manner of your choosing. I put it on my precious iPod, and take it to work, where I listen while I arrange stacks of books and put magazines in chronological order. It definitely cuts through the tedium.

The host, Steve Eley, is a charismatic guy who always tries to put a relevant and thoughtful (and short) commentary on every story. He have a short narrative that keeps things real and personal. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who like the genre, wants to hear new authors, and doesn’t always have time or money to shop for them. And if you like having your imagination stretched to its limits, check it out.

Next is Pseudo Pod, which offers a weekly dose of horror audio. This podcast has been giving me chills from the beginning, which wasn’t that long ago. One with a slightly higher determination than a slug could easily listen all the previous episodes.

Pseudo Pod is different when it comes to the genre. It doesn’t really dwell on the gore and violence of typical American horror. Instead, the authors that submit offer the subjective view of human psyche that can bring many unsleeping nights. I know there are two or three stories in the eight or so that have been published that have given me deep chills and a terrible sense of dread. If you like being scared, or at least intrigued, this is a good place to go.


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