mm mm good, part 2

November 2, 2006

1. All things are metaphors
2. Eternity is now and here
3. If there is a divine, it is me, and nowhere else.
4. The stuggles of the one are shared by the many.
5. Follow your bliss.

These are the things I learned from listening to the “Power of Myth” conversations with Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers (see side bar). Like I said before, it was a revelation to listen to, and has answer quite a few questions, though I’m not sure I can articulate them all just yet.

The idea, alone, that all things are metaphors, opens a great big jar of worms, and an even bigger one of opportunity. This would mean that all the tales are simply fiction, and should be looked to for advice, not history. Also, all the actions gone before are mearly visions of what could be, and should be seen as tales. Even more prevalent, the concepts of God, and the concepts of religion, and the concepts of magick are what get in the way of finding a true truth inside the noise of living.

In a conversation Campbell had with a priest one day:
Priest: “Are you a priest, Mr. Campbell?
C: “No, sir.”
P: “Do you believe in a personal God?”
C: “Well, no, sir.”
P: “I suppose there is no way to prove the existence of a personal god.”
C: “If there were, would would be the point of faith?”

Useful. Profound.

Give it a listen folks. If you ever doubted the existence of a real, touchable god, or whether the actions of people in the past should be our roadmaps, you’ll find quite a lot of useful stuff here.



  1. My father is a huge fan of Joseph Campbell and we would get lashings of this over supper whilst growing up. It is beautifully procative and yet comforting.

    Here via the NaBloPoMo randomizer.

  2. Hey, I came over from Dating God. As per her advice, I want to say, “Nice Banner.” Seriously though- I really do like your site design.

    I feel kinda dumb, but I can’t find the link you mention here in your sidebar… Am I blind?

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