bad steps, good steps

November 1, 2006

I accidently told one of my students today that he needed a “hard screw.”

Let me explain, before you call the police. Something on his saxophone was broken, and he needed it fixed. But, me and my inability to focus language into a channel that is both proper for the present company and decipherable, said the words “hard screw.” I meant he needed a hard screwDRIVER. And by that I meant he needed a big one, with a handle, that requires you to turn from the elbow. Not that little dinky things we usually use on our instruments. So, in my attempt to offer solid advice, I have become a lot more fun in sectionals. My bad.

Inadvertently, because of that and because of some other fun things that happened today, one of my kids actually said “I love this class.” How awesome is that? He wasn’t saying it to me, but this kid, who I thought was looking at that hour with disgust week after week admitted he loved it. And thus, I love that class.


One comment

  1. Niiiiiiiiice.

    On your way to a high-brow sort of perversion.

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