October 30, 2006

Today, I have been discovering something that I didn’t think I would ever develop: my inner writer. I’ve been scrambling all day today to get an idea out in words, one that has had a beginning, middle and end, and one that is coming along quite nicely. Granted, I’m not doing this because the story is in my head, and it needs out. I’m doing it to see my name on a website, and to know that lots of people are going to hear it. I want it known that I am a writer. Roar.

However, this story is making me sad, and hopefully in the next few days, you’ll know why. I intend to drop it here for everyone to read. I hope you like it when its done.

And by “you,” I mean the 15 people who poked around here yesterday and today, and the 42 people who dropped by on the 25th. I like you, and I don’t even know you!

Don’t be a stranger!



  1. Us writers. We have issues.

  2. Fantastic to see you writing again, I’m so happy for you!

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