October 26, 2006

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” –Some person.
“Those who miss a test in history are doomed to repeat it.” –Me.

This is what looms over me today. Here at I sat, at work, doing my history homework, as usual on Wednesdays, and I decided to check the mail for the course. This class is online, which is good because it cuts down on the actual classwork you do, but all puts the burden on the student more to do their stuff. This is what I have trouble with. Not that I am really all that lazy, but I am forgetful, and I do prioritize things a little backwards.

Anyway, I check the mail, I check the posts, and I notice that I missed the second of four exams by a day. A day. One day. Not even a full day. Suck.

So I email the prof in a mild frenzy, hoping to get something out of him in way of sympathy. No reply yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Toes too. The problem is that, withouth this test, I will need to make at least 80s on the remaining tests in order to get a C. Not that have to have a C, but it would be nice to.  I’ve lost some points in my GPA since I took that shitty reading class over the summer (It’s a requirement for my major, don’t ask).  Now, if all I want is a D, then I can make a 22 on both tests, and still be okay. However, I don’t want to suck, so I hope that I can do well on these other tests.

More so, I hope the prof gets back in touch with me, and feels bad for me. Boo hoo, D’s a loser.

While we are on the subject of potential failure, let’s talk about the things I am not failing in:

Recital music: I think I’m doing dandy, even if I do get a little down about things. Keep truckin’!
English: Oh no, that B I got on the midterm was horrible! Blah! Me write good. Me get A.
Blogging: I never thought I would ever write this much. When I had this thing over on Myspace.com (evil) I would only blog when I felt shitty. Now I blog daily. Note the NaBloPoMo sticker–>
Money: I spent a lot, but I’m not broke. Go me!
Sectionals: I am really enjoying teaching those kids, and I’m looking forward to student teaching in the spring.


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