October 25, 2006

I am currently listening to, at the very moment, Regina Spektor’s “Us.” I am in love with her. Her music reminds me of Tori Amos + Ani Difranco, without so much bitchiness or political ranting. Though I might be missing the point. Anyway, her music is delightful, and it makes me happy hearing it. I think she has a video on MTV for “Fidelity,” which is a good song also.

I first learned of her when singing with my friend Gina and Adam in the car. It was bliss. I love singing with them. Also with Josh. We were singing to the Lion King soundtrack later that day, and we had some good three-part harmony going on, which was wonderful.

If you don’t sing much, start. If you do sing, sing with friends. If you do that, do it more often. It is highly recommended, and probably condoned by the Surgeon General. Or the Dali Lhama.

 By the way, that is what Regina Spektor looks like. Listen to her. Love her.


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