mm mm good

October 24, 2006

As per instructions and advice from people like Mick Bradley, Chris Miller, and other gaming/philosophy podcasters, I checked out Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth. Though there is a printed form, this particular edition is a 6-tape conversation series between Campbell, and a colleague, Bill Moyers.

At first, I decided to just listen and see what I learned. But as the conversations continued, I was nodding my head a little, seeing some of my own ideas reflected in what Campbell was saying. Some of these ideas were about things like life after death, or the nature of existence in the world, however, some of them I’d abandoned long ago. So maybe I wasn’t all that far off.

Then, I noticed I was gasping a lot, because he was saying things that were sinking in, and making sense. I can’t believe I haven’t read this stuff already, or at least listened to the tapes. I’m only two tapes into the series, so its hard to know for sure what everything I’m going to learn is, but for sure, it will be good to know it.

Thanks to those that recommended it.

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