beginning again for the first time.

October 22, 2006

For those that have heard my little recent diatribe in person, or on the phone, or IM, or generally any method other than here alone, you know that it ranges very far, and very far into my past. I’ve been talking about things like this since I was in elementary school, because it fascinated me to no end that there were people out there who thought like me. It still does. Everyday, I’m finding more and more people who are able to turn their minds into something more critical to make sense of the world around them. And when I find them, I almost immediately have to talk to them. But that’s not for now.

My recent rants have led to me dead ends. Sure I’ve written and spoken a lot on civilization, magick, science, religion, personality, personal action, responsibility, blah blah blah, but none of it is reconciling. I’m holding a bunch of loose ends, still trying to find ways to put it all together.

So, I’ve decided to back up a little bit, get away from the details, and go back to a starting point that can help me get into all the different strings at once. I have some ideas about where I will go to do that, and hopefully, I’m right. If not, I’ll back up and try again, until I can find a path that I both understand and can use to reach an answer to my questions.

If anyone has any tips about books to read or things to listen to, etc., that I could use, please, mention them, and I’ll check them out.


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