abuse of purchase

October 20, 2006

I am the helpless owner of an iPod. Yes, for this one thing, I’ve fallen into the consumerist trend of buying shiny things for my private purposes. And, even more sadly, the more I use it, the more I can’t live without it. I’m always plugged into it, and I’ve got a million things I want to listen to. And as I scroll through the many songs I “own,” I am ashamed. Here is why:

1. Celine Dion- I have actually, at one point, owned almost an entire album of downloaded Celine Dion songs, and once professed to be a closet Celine Dion fan. I know, gay… However, since then, I’ve come to my senses, and only have that one song with the violin soloist, ’cause the soloist plays well.

2. Jefferson Starships’ “We built this city” – I know, I know. But its such a fun song!

3. Dashboard Confessionals – I can’t believe I still like some of this stuff. I swear I’m not this whiney.

4. “Break Down!” from Dance Dance Revolution – Something about high-pitched japanese girls and face-paced quasi-techno gets my blood pumping

5. Elton John – I really need to delete this stuff…

6. Theme from Firefly – fanboy tendencies abound.

7. songs with titles like “Track 06” – because I’m lazy.

8. “I am woman” – I swear it was an accident.



  1. I thought Jefferson Starship did We Built This City…

    You know, I have a crapload of REM on my iPod and when it plays I keep thinking, I really don’t like this damn band. I’m not sure how that happened either because it’s a lot of tracks.

  2. You’re right. I’ll change it.

  3. lol You gave me a Dashboard Confessional CD when I moved away from NM the second time. I still have it. There’s like one song on it that’s good but apparently they’ve improved.

    Hehe, I have loads of Track blah blah blah on mine as well. It comes from the old Napster days. hehe

  4. No, it was Starship. Jefferson Airplane begat Jefferson Starship, which begat Starship, which begat “We Built This City,” which happens to be the worst song made in the history of humanity.

  5. um…sorry….

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