October 13, 2006

Recently, I’ve become re-fascinated with astronomy and the universe, like I was when I was little. I don’t know why, but its awesome. So, when I go digging for podcasts, I find one called Slacker Astronomy. Its a short podcast featuring all the intelligent, jargon-laced crack that I love, while still giving me adequate explanation for my teeny brain.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the inter-web, my favorite webcomic(Something*Positive)’s artist, Randy Milholland (read the comic, its great) states in a blog that he’s good friends with the guy from Slacker Astronomy. He also provides this link:


Its an explanation of how supernovas work using a Lite Brite. Yes, that Lite Brite.

Enjoy. *points to links*

P.S.- In other news, I have a new favorite phrase: “(blah blah blah) cult(y, ish, ist, s) drink the Kool-aid.”


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