Another step

October 13, 2006

First, I’d like to apologize if anyone was offended by what I said. Not because I didn’t mean it, just because I get kinda caught up in the moment.

Now, as per the request of a friends, I explain myself further. And just so you know, this is really good for me to be doing this, regardless of why.

I will address a few ideas, and present reasoning:

1. Reincarnation: Why should one be concerned with what the next life will bring? Is it not more responsible to focus on how one can make their life better now? Is it not true that living a good life now will prepare one for any sort of next life, without thinking in terms of it? To reiterate, if I try to live morally and justly now, I will have a good next life, whatever that may be, if there is one.

2. Deity: I said before that believing in Deity is a complicating matter. This is because it asks one to conform to the things that others think is right. This applies to organized religion as there are sets of ideals that must be maintained to be considered a “good member” of that religion. It applies to non-organized religion in that the ideas that are shared between groups of people still create standards, and there is still a judging, i.e., Good Pagan, Bad Pagan. By not focusing on the Deity aspect, and taking oneself out of the context of hierarchical beings, the groups standards begin to vanish in the religious area, and become more individualistic. I am not saying gods don’t exist. However, I am not saying they do. And, regardless of your choice of beliefs, your creator made you into a thinking creature, and so any problem you have before you, you can handle. And if not, you die, and life continues without you. Such is the way of things. Ask any bug.

3. Magic/Prayer: this has never worked for me. I know how it is supposed to work, and I can rattle off ingredients and componets with some of the best, I’m sure, but that’s just trivia. I know it is supposed to be either a) a will-working on the universe that manipulates it to your needs, or b) a psychological means of creating motivation, determination, self-confidence, etc. Both of these are poppycock. In regards to the first, who are you to spin the universe in your favor? You are but one of trillions, if not quadrillions of life forms on our planet, let alone our galaxy. It is impossible for one being to proclaim is dominance over all of the future, simply because it lit the right candle and said the right words. Besides, what happens when several billion are doing the same thing all over the planet? Who wins? In regards to the second, quelling the mind of its insecurities can be accomplished with things as common as a good conversation with a friend, a pep talk, a walk in a park, writing a journal entry, seeing a counselor, listening to music, etc. In this instance, magic becomes nothing special, and actually a bit unnormal.

4. Paganism: Here is the problem I have with groups. Groups are made of people, and people tend to get things wrong. Its innate in our nature. Unfortunately, we are the only species that doesn’t die from every mistake we make. If we did, we’d be much better off as a species, cause all the stupid people would have died out long ago. However, groups also have agendas. The religious right wishes to assert itself in every light, and gain control where it deems it should have it. The conservative right has wants more more more of everything, and they choke it down faster than they can chew it. The liberal left wants more more more equality and providence for its citizens, regardless of how much they truly deserve to eat. (In a more naturalistic society, those that don’t work, don’t eat, and thus die.) The fundamental Muslims think everyone is wrong, and we all must die. The pagan fundamentalists think that everyone is wrong, and they all must shut up and convert. The non-descript middle, regardless of affiliation, wants everyone to stop talking so much so they don’t have to think. The more logic-oriented groups have a bone to pick with everyone else, because they don’t think enough, and prize themselves on being more reasonable than most. I have an agenda of getting people to do what I want them to do, because I think something is a good idea. But that’s because I’m human, just like everyone else, so I’m not innately evil, it seems. Ask anyone if they think they are a tolerant person, the most will say they are. They are also liars. But back to pagans, where I have most recently erupted from: If pagans practiced half the things they want people to think they believe, there would either be a great world shaking, and the establishment would fall apart, or they would be dead because they let the bulldozers run them over when they tied themselves to trees. They teach that Earth is ours for the protecting (well, some of them do), but few initiatives come from the pagan faiths that actually get anything done. Instead, they sit around waving wands, discussing intent, and then fall into the humdrum of daily life.

Now, look at that, I’ve gotten carried away again. I apologize. My passions are running high as I try to come to terms with myself. Nothing new, to be true.

I don’t think any of my complaint can be fully justified. Not just yet. I still need more time to iron these things out. However, the more I think about it, the more I realize that consumerism, capitalism, caged-thought, and religious mal-education are the leading causes of most of the worlds problems. Everyone go read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. It will break some things open for you.

I guess these rants are my egg-tooth, as I’m trying to get out of this shell.


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